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maart 20, 2009, 9:45 am
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The pope is the pope: a megalomaniac criminal, but artsana is not better by default, unless they are ready to give away condoms for free or the bricolab DIY version of the aids proof condom…

Would it be not better to simply state that in a land of poverty, endemic war and famine, were our presence has always been of the most destructive kind, both kind of inference are deadly?

To say it positively, the pope should say with all camera on, and give his priests and bishop worldwide the order to repeat that “rape of children does not cure AIDS” (a urban myth behind the rape wave in africa in the last years).

Then they should observe their practices, close down the church, disband and disappear.

Our “condom spreading” capitalist society, that for few cents more or less the ton of coffee or cotton let famine, pest and war devour a continent, should shut up, and in silence prepare to fade away in shame, like a new atlantis.

But justice is another invention of man… as god.

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